Revealing the Coolest Travel Tech: Fresh Tech Vol. 2 [Jan 2024]

Embark on a tech-infused journey with Fresh Tech Volume 2! From the future of eyewear with Ray-Ban Meta glasses to the discreet power of Insta360 GO 3 and essential travel gadgets, we've got your tech cravings covered.

Revealing the Coolest Travel Tech: Fresh Tech Vol. 2 [Jan 2024]

Hey, tech enthusiasts! Welcome back to The TechPacker, where we dive into the latest and greatest in travel gear and gadgets. I'm Sarb Johal, and this month, we're bringing you Fresh Tech Volume 2—a roundup of the coolest innovations in the past few weeks. Let's embark on this tech-packed journey!

1. The Future of Eyewear: Ray-Ban Meta Glasses

Our first stop takes us into the realm of augmented reality with the Ray-Ban Meta glasses, a collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg's Meta and the iconic eyewear brand. Packed with a camera, speakers, and microphones, these glasses aim to redefine how we capture and share experiences. However, as we delve into the potential of face-mounted computing, concerns about privacy and focus arise. Are these smart glasses the next big thing or a quirky addition to your travel gear?

2. Stealthy Shooting: Insta360 GO 3

Transitioning to stealthy cameras, the Insta360 GO 3 makes a sleek entrance into the tech scene. Or rather, re-entry with the new black edition. Ideal for travelers seeking a discreet yet powerful action camera, the GO 3 promises excellent social media content at 2.7K resolution. With indicator lights that can be turned off for the ultimate stealth mode, this tiny camera could be your travel companion of choice in 2024. Small, mighty, and ready to capture your adventures—let's explore the possibilities!

3. Tech for On-the-Go: Travel Essentials

Moving into the heart of travel, we explore two must-have tech items for jet-setters. First on the list is a game-changer for phone battery life—a passport holder equipped with a power bank. Say goodbye to airport charging struggles and hello to organized, secure charging on the go. Additionally, we delve into the world of privacy screens by Kensington, offering not only data protection but also a discreet way to enjoy your content without prying eyes during flights. Oh, and a cool new toothbrush too.

Check out the video for the full run-down.