Thanks for Calling #20 - Final Episode: Five practices for building personal resilience


Thanks for dropping by. Here’s the 20th and final episode of Thanks for Calling.

All of us have encountered challenging times in our lives, when we feel vulnerable to the strains of daily living. Some of these strains show themselves as a result of big events that happen to us or people we care about, or are merely geographically close to.  Some of the strain is the cumulative impact of lots of little events that add up and threaten to push you over your tipping point of coping capacity. Both types of negative events - big and small - can have an effect on our wellbeing.

If you cross this with various cycles in our lives which mean that we are more vulnerable to the impacts of these big and small negative events, it becomes clear that it is really important that we keep an eye out for how well we can withstand these challenges when they arrive.  An example: for many of us, mid-January can be a testing time. This is about when those new activities designed to sort our lives out made in those New Year's resolutions are perhaps beginning to be very difficult to maintain. As a result, we can feel guilty, throw the towel in, and revert to old behaviours that we recognised we needed to change.

What do we do when we feel under pressure like this?

There are many strategies that have been put forward to help build our personal resilience and wellbeing. Here is a set of 5 practices that differ slightly from the 5 Ways to Wellbeing that you might be familiar with, designed to help you to focus on basic self-maintenance, and some reflection on what you want your life to be about.

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Sarb JohalComment