Thanks for Calling #8 - What we do to avoid bad feelings (and what to do instead)

Thanks for dropping by. Here’s the eighth episode of Thanks for Calling.

Despite how successful we are in dealing with problems outside our skin, we humans tend to run into difficulties from the way we deal with problems inside our skins. Often, we try to apply the control rule that works so well in the real world, outside our skins, to the virtual world inside our skin. We try to change, remove, or avoid the thoughts, feelings and memories that we don't like. But this doesn't really work inside our skins. It's not easy to just stop thinking about something we don't want to think about. In fact, don't you find that trying not to think about something just makes you think about it even more?

The problem is that when we try to control thoughts and feelings, we embark on a no-win struggle with whole chunks of our own experience. And this internal struggle costs us. Ironically, the stuff we struggle with is likely to become more, not less, important. And the struggle will continually draw us away from the present moment, from the here and now. The struggle may also involve us avoiding situations or people, and can reduce our ability to meet our goals in life.

Because of these costs, in the world inside our skin, our efforts to control it becomes the problem, not the solution. Don't take my word for it though - have a listen and think about whether this applies to you.

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Sarb JohalComment