It's good to talk - podcast with Radio New Zealand

I recorded this on Friday with James Nokise - you might find it interesting.

"Host James Nokise goes into his safe space – the shower – to talk with all sorts of notable New Zealanders to share food and to talk about headspace, happiness and the things that matter to them.

After every episode, James also sits down with clinical psychologist Dr Sarb Johal to talk about any issues that might have arisen and to share tips and techniques for getting through it all. Sarb is the man James trusts with his questions and today is no different.

Except, of course, that it is. It’s hard for many New Zealanders to think about a ‘safe space’ this past week.

So this episode is for everyone affected by the Christchurch mosque attacks on Friday 15 March and who doesn’t know what to do with their grief and shock. Who feel powerless. Who need someone to talk to.

A podcast episode alone won’t do it, so as we always do, we’ve included a list of places where you can get help at the bottom of this page as well as where you can help the victims and their families.

Because as Dr Johal says, we can make the world a different place and reduce the chance of anything like this ever happening again, by being together, sharing our mourning together, eating together and talking about how we feel.

Because it’s good to talk.

Kia kaha, kia kotahi ra. As salaam alaikum.

Our strength is our unity. Peace be unto you."