Working with Lightning Lab on the GovTech accelerator

Last week, I spent a couple of days working with the 12 teams on the Govtech accelerator programme, run by Lightning Lab out of Creative HQ. Lightning Lab is aiming to help terms to build processes, products and services at the heart of a better, faster, stronger Government. It's an opportunity to use design thinking, agile processes and lots of other ways of working different to what may be practiced currently, to rapidly build, test, validate and experiment with these new approaches and technologies to enable these changes at the heart of how Government does its work.

Working with Julie Treanor from Just Lead, it all began with Bootcamp last week, condensing 12-weeks worth of accelerator learnings into a 5-day innovation sprint to get the teams up to speed on lean and agile methodologies, team building best practices, negotiation strategies and more.

I introduced the teams to some key psychology concepts, combined with practical steps to improve the team’s productivity. The research and practice evidence comes together to tell us that knowing yourself and understanding your natural traits and tendencies will help people to unlock your full potential. Discovering what makes you tick will turn you into a more successful team member, able to contribute effectively. A higher level of self-awareness will teach you how to use your strengths to achieve outstanding results and ultimately it will shape you into a more competent leader. All of this is necessary to truly lead yourself through learning and doing, and to be able to keep yourself well and happy while you're doing it.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the teams. Let me know if you'd like to find out more about the programme, or on our part in helping to develop a more entrepreneurial way of being, and working well together in teams while keeping yourself and others well and happy while you're doing it.