Your access to 12 episodes and over 4 hours of parenting advice from Dr Sarb Johal on @RNZ 's @NinetoNoon show #24

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Welcome to this special edition of Who cares? What's the point? The podcast about the mind for people who think. 

In this short show, I talk briefly about my role as a parenting commentator on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon show over the past 5 years. In these show notes, you can find links to 12 shows with over 4 hours of conversations about parenting between myself and Kathryn Ryan, the host of the show. 

Here's a list of the show links with a brief description of each show, in reverse chronological order:

  1. Encouraging empathy and cultivating compassion in children
  2. How do you keep a child informed about disaster risk while protecting them from incessant talk of threat?
  3. What kind of parent are you and how could it be influencing your child's wellbeing and future?
  4. When separating parents manipulate the kids
  5. Parents' greatest failures and triumphs, and what we can learn from them
  6. When parents and their adult children fall out and how to heal the rifts
  7. Parenting adult children who can't or won't leave the nest
  8. Resisting pester power and saying no to children
  9. Mindful parenting and how not to fly off the handle with children in stressful situations
  10. Children and making friends
  11. Building resilience in children
  12. School, daycare, and how to play with your preschooler

Enjoy listening to the shows that appeal to you, and be sure to join me again next week when we resume the usual format for the show.

As usual, I'm always really happy to get your feedback - find me on Twitter @wcwtp and @sarb, and on

Thanks and happy listening


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