Have you heard? Season 1 was awesome. Can you help with Season 2?

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Hi and welcome to Who Cares? What's the point?

Season 1 is in the bag - and here's the run down of the shows I have broadcast so far: 

  1. Dr Matt Williams, New Zealand - What influence could climate change have on human aggression?
  2. A/Prof Claire Vallotton, USA - Father's parenting stress and toddler language development
  3. Prof Frank McAndrew, USA - The psychology of creepiness
  4. Dr Michael Philipp, NZ - Emoticons and emoji make your face muscles twitch
  5. A/Prof Brian Sharpless, USA - What do we know about sleep paralysis?
  6. Laurie Parma, UK - Mapping the link between biodiversity and our wellbeing
  7. Prof Sam Wineburg, USA - How to tell the difference between fact and fiction on a 'post-truth' internet
  8. Dr Eva Neely, NZ - What do we know about how food is used to foster social relationships for young women at school?
  9. Dr Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen, Denmark - Does turning to clocks back for winter-time lead to higher rates of depression?
  10. Dr Toby Mundel, NZ - Is there a link between dehydration and our experience of pain?
You can check the show out at at Libsyn Check out any episodes you might not have listened to yet.
It's also on all major platforms, including Stitcher and iTunes
So far, so good - we made it up to #3 in the NZ iTunes Social Sciences chart - I'm hoping to get to #1 and developing a worldwide profile to help my mission to promote communication of the art and science of psychology to a wider audience #scicomm
What am I asking for?
Running the show takes time and money. I have monthly hosting costs to pay for, for hosting the podcast files and for the website domain. It takes time and money to get the equipment together, to line up the interviewees, to record the interview, and also a fair amount of time invested in learning how to produce the show, and actually doing that production after getting the right software and tools.
To get Season 2 going, I need to start to get some of these sunk costs back, and perhaps even get a bit of an advance on future hosting costs. I'd also think a separate whocareswhatsthepoint.com website will help immensely too. Please help if you can
What's next? 
I am already scouting for Season 2, which I'd like to launch on February 21 - another Season of 10 shows, and then another Season - #3 - to be broadcast in May / June / July 2017. 
If we get beyond the $2000, I'd like to publish books compiling all the interviews for each of the Seasons. These will take the the best of what our guests have to offer, making them available as e-books, and if the PledgeMe funds allow, actual REAL books - I know they're getting popular again (who'd have thought that would happen)? Extra funds would help to meet editing and publishing costs to get this project going. I'll add stretch goals for the publishing project if we get funded.
All it costs to help is the cost of a cup of coffee. Come and see at tinyurl.com/wcwtp
Thanks for reading and listening - do rate us on iTunes if you can. It really helps others find the show. Contact me via twitter @sarb, and follow the show @wcwtp

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