Media contribution: More uncertainty for MH370 families

Family and friends with loved ones on board the ill-fated flight MH370 will be facing more uncertainty following news that debris discovered a week ago was from the airliner, an expert says. Overnight, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said the wreckage found on the French-administered island of Reunion was that of MH370.

However, a few hours later French prosecutor, Serge Mackowiak, suggested, but would not confirm, the wreckage was from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

The discrepancies between the French and Malaysian statements would be causing uncertainty for families who had loved ones on board the flight, said disaster and mental health expert Associate Professor Sarb Johal, of Massey University's Joint Centre for Disaster Research.

"Any wedge between what different authorities are saying kind of repeats what happened at the very beginning, where there was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of one person was saying this, and one person was saying that.

"All of this doesn't help with the confidence that the families have around what the authorities are saying. It's awakening a lot of uncertainty for them.

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