Learn from your mistakes. Then ignore them.

oops "No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better" - Samuel Beckett

If you're feeling a little fragile and low in self-confidence, one of the traps you can fall into is getting overly into the idea that mistakes matter. Let's say you tried every day for the next year to try to make a mistake that nobody had ever made before. How's that going (you'd probably fail - you see the irony I hope)?

It doesn't matter so much about doing something 'wrong' or  'badly' - what matters is whether you can recognise the mistake and use it to try to set yourself on a better path next time.

Mistakes are for learning - only those that have ceased to develop never take a mis-step. Mistakes tell us something - they are a source of information. Learn from the error, but don't dwell on it and the emotions of embarrassment that may come along with it. Try to acknowledge and detach from the feeling, learn from what went wrong, set it aside, and move along. Although it may not feel like it, everyone else will move along too.