'Making change - meet the challenge' - Workshop for the Health Fit Collective, 24 July 2013

5-stages-of-change-model When you try to make a change, say stepping up your training to meet a big new challenge, or perhaps making some new diet choices, there are five stages that you will probably go through. If you're thinking about coming to this workshop, you're probably NOT in the precontemplation stage. You've already made the decision that something needs to change. But you're also figuring out what to do - maybe how you might get some help to make that change. Sometimes that seems tough and you get trapped in the thinking rather than the doing. Or perhaps you started doing, and got derailed.You might now be a little ambivalent about making the change - "maybe I'll just carry on as you are for a while - I can go for the next training cycle ...". You're certainly not in denial, but maybe you need some help to figure some things out, to get a little boost.

If this sounds like you, this workshop may be just what you are looking for. We will talk about the five stages of change, but we will focus on Contemplation, ACTION, Maintenance, and how to get over lapses. The underlying theme here is support, and the type of support you might need differs as you progress through the stages of change. This workshop will help you to start to unlock the mysteries of what might be most helpful for you, and most crucially, when.

Health Fit Collective Challenge me workshop, 24 July, 7pm, Wellington.