Over-caffeinated? Eat a banana


You know what happens, right? You have a coffee in the morning at home - maybe another when you get to work. If it's another kind of day, maybe one on the way to work too. Before you know it, you're heading into your first meeting and , sure, I'll have a coffee. Then, you notice that you're feeling a bit twitchy, perhaps your foot is tapping or you have this free-floating sense that all is not quite right. And your tummy isn't feeling too great either. You might have taken in a bit too much caffeine a bit too quickly. It can happen.

So, if you ask a barista, what do they think you should do to bring you down from your over-caffeinated high? Well, water will help to flush some of that caffeine a bit quicker, and eating too seems to help, as well as going for a walk. But the interesting thing was that the recommendation to eat a banana also came up a few times. Coconut water was also suggested. Both bananas and coconut water are rich in potassium. Whether the diuretic effect of caffeine increases the need for potassium, or if it just messes up your electrolyte balance and firing across synapses is not really known. But it is interesting that helping your potassium levels back up through eating something as cheap and as readily available as a banana seems to help.

Give it a try - you've got very little to lose. Except that attractive twitch you've got going on.