New Zealand Red Cross project - Address the Stress

In another piece of work I have been involved with over the last few months, the New Zealand Red Cross released a website called Address the Stress. This is a site designed to help young people address the stresses and strains they may be experiencing after the earthquakes in Christchurch and the impact this may have had on their lives and others around them. The site is pretty cool, with sports people, musicians, actors, comedians, TV presenters and others from New Zealand giving tips on how they've dealt with stresses in their lives, and encouraging others to try different things to help them cope with their own situations, and to help others. Here is one video of five that I contributed to the project, as well as acting as a clinical advisor to development of the site. In it, I talk briefly about the benefits of exercise in dealing with stress. This isn't embedding at the moment, so you'll have to click the link.