Do or do not do, but quit giving yourself a hard time about it

20120909-221323.jpgThis simple exercise will help you to and your power to choose and to be at ease with your choices.

What was the last task you didn't complete where you subsequently gave yourself a hard time? How did giving yourself a hard time feel? Instead of struggling with yourself and giving yourself a tough time, what if you gave yourself three choices?

1. Do the task now 2. Do the task later 3. Don't do the task

Picture yourself choosing one of these options, and letting it go at that? How much time and energy would you free up, just by choosing one of the options above, and no longer dwelling on the decision, or being reminded of what you might need to do?

How many times a week do you get stuck using needless energy trying to break the inertia around a task like this? How many times a day?

This quick exercise is designed to help you understand and experiment with the idea of being present, and how being aware of these moments and decision points give you some relief from worry and troublesome thoughts.