You are the sky, not just the weather

When we are troubled by thoughts and feelings that seem to hook us and stay with us, it can be helpful to think about the difference between the observing and thinking self. Your observing self is like the sky. Thoughts and feelings are like the weather. The weather changes all the time, but no matter how bad it gets, it cannot harm the sky in any way. The mightiest thunderstorm, the most terrible hurricane, the most severe winter blizzards - none of these can hurt or harm the sky. And no matter how bad the weather, the sky always has room for it. And sure enough, sooner or later, the weather always, always changes.

Sometimes, we can forget that the sky is there - but it's still there. And sometimes we can't see the sky because it is hidden from us by clouds. But if we can rise high enough above the clouds - even the thickest, darkest, thunderclouds - sooner or later we will reach clear sky - stretching before and around us in all directions - boundless and pure.

More and more, you can learn to tap into this part of you: a safe space inside from which to observe and make room for difficult thoughts and feelings.