Tackle toxicity - be grateful

Six hours. That's how long the effects of strong emotions last in your body. That's a big portion of your day. Anger, frustration, anxiety - they can ripple around your body producing ill effects long after you think you've moved on from that toxic emotion. Bu the good news is that positive emotions also have similar effects. How do you counter the effects of the toxic strong emotions? Simple. Count your blessings. Be grateful. You don't need other people to bring you positive emotions and energy. By practicing feeling grateful, you can set up a habit and emotional circuitry that helps to protect you from the toxic strong emotions that crop up from time to time.

Try practicing twice a day. Once in the morning, and top up again in the afternoon. Spend just 3 minutes.

Notice the warmth of your duvet when you are in bed. Hear the laughter in your child's voice. Smell the coffee as it brews.

Notice the small things. Things that give you pleasure. Things that make you feel lucky.

Be careful with what you think. It is more powerful than we yet know.