What am I holding on to that I no longer need?

I am quite bad at this with clothes, and to a certain extent, a life in two continents makes me hang on to too much paperwork too. Sounds familiar? Do you have a wardrobe of clothes that you no longer use? More than one? How many pairs of shoes? Old magazines or journals that you are holding on to just in case you need to dig out that vital article? Books, videos, CDs that you bought, or were bought for you that you never really liked? Offloading all that stuff can feel more liberating than you might think. Not only do you create more space in the small houses and flats that we can find ourselves living in, but finding a good home for these items can have other positive benefits - maybe to your bank balance through eBay or TradeMe, or your karma points through giving them away.

What about the less material things you might be holding on to? An old belief or habit that no longer works for you? A pattern of behaviour that is now more likely to get you into hot water than not? We bring things from our past along for the ride as we journey through our life paths. At times, some of these beliefs, habits and behaviors work for us. It matters less what they are, but how well they work for us in terms of living a life that fulfills us and is in line with what we value. However, old habits die hard and we can become blind to the fact that they sometimes get in the way of living valued lives. We can sometimes feel the discomfort, and know something isn't quite right, but can't quite figure out what is wrong.

Coaching conversations can lead to you finding it easier to let go of things that you no longer need to make way for better traveling companions on your journey.