Health and running on the Runner's Round Table show

I really like running. I was a late starter, impelled by the very apparent onset of middle-aged spread. But I have come to love the feeling of running, the mindful opportunities, the extreme geekfest and statistics heaven of Garmin gadgets, compression garments and nutritional analysis. I embrace both the journey and the finish, though learning to love the journey was a journey in itself. Tomorrow night at 6pm EST, I get to talk about running with some esteemed company on the net. I have been invited to join the Runner's Round Table live broadcast, where runners from around the world share tips, tell stories, and keep each other motivated. So, pull up a chair and join us at the table.

Some of the topics we are planning to talk about include:

  • Do statins degrade muscle performance?
  • Sudden deaths during running - should I be worried? (Unfortunately topical after the death of Claire Squires during the London Marathon just this last weekend)
  • Do you need to take a multivitamin if you eat a healthy diet?
  • Five tests that can save your life.

You can find the link to the articles we will discuss here, as well as links to the recording of the broadcast once it is done, and previous shows. If you want to join in online and ask questions, then join us on Talkshoe - follow the link above for instructions.