Who am I becoming?

All the choices you have made in your life. All the paths you have taken. They are what make you who you are, right here, right now. At a very basic level, the cells that made up your body ten years ago are not the same as they were. Emotionally and mentally, you are different too. You have different skills, new knowledge, and perhaps different attitudes too. Maybe your values are similar, but perhaps the dilemmas you face are different. Ten years ago, did you imagine yourself as the person you are today? Did you imagine your life as the one you lead today? Do you like the trends you see developing? Perhaps you see someone who is more tired, feeling worn out trying to reconcile different facets of your life?

You have a choice to become a different version of yourself. It doesn't matter how much you have drifted down a path you don't like. You set your course for the future you who is content, fulfilled, and enjoying life in the small daily choices you make.

Coaching conversations can help you relocate your inner compass to guide your the choices you make for your present self to set you on your way. Let me know if I can help