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Exhibition opening at the Wellington Regional Arts Review

A second surreal evening last week at an exhibition opening at Expressions in Upper Hutt where my photographs were selected for the Wellington Regional Arts Review by a panel of 3 judges- Andy Lowe, CEO of Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History; Katherine Morrison, textile artist; and Peter Gillie, collector of NZ contemporary art. There were 65 artists on display tonight, including paintings, digital media, textile based works, ceramics, photographs, drawings, jewellery, furniture and sculptures. I’m really pleased to have been selected, but I felt really out of my depth at the opening - perhaps a little imposter syndrome was in play for me. Other people have offered me an interpretation that this is perhaps a good thing as it shows that I am entering a challenging space for me, which will help me to grow. I have to agree with that feedback. This feels very much like another world. But I also bring my own interpretation, skills and views to this world. I am opening to learning, and yet feel secure in my own stance. It's a good place to be.

‘Romanticisation’ gets expert judge commendation in Photo X competition on Photocrowd

I'm really pleased to write that one of the images I entered into the Humanity section of the Photo X 2018 competition on received a commendation from one of the expert judges on the panel. Here's a copy of the brief:

Compassion, forgiveness, friendship, empathy, charity, society, the human race. What does “Humanity” mean to you? From benevolence to our global family, inspire your creativity and enter a single image or series to respond to this brief.

This is the first time that I've entered any of my work to be judged, so I'm really happy to have it noticed by an expert judge. I'd love to get some feedback about what they liked about it. Check out the link to see what I was up against - there are some amazing entries to congratulations to those that made the shortlist for the final judging.