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Joining the photography team covering TEDxSydney 2018

Here's the thing. Sometimes you just chase the opportunity and see where it leads. Let's start at the beginning. I have been the MC for TEDxWellington for the last three events. This came after meeting DK, a most excellent human being and licensee and producer of both TEDxWellington and its precursor, TEDxTeAro. We both traveled to New York last year for TEDFest 2017, where I met Vicki, and I joined the Facebook group for TEDx organisers down in this part of the world. Fast forward to earlier this week, and I see a call go out to see if any of the organisers in the area fancied going over to check out TEDxSydney. TEDxWellington hosted 1000 for our event last year, which was big for us. TEDxSydney had over 4000 attendees last year, so I figured it would be cool to see what happens at a TEDx event on this scale.

But, before you know it, one cheeky question from me leads to another, and then some phone calls and emails and Facebook messages, and I'm now part of the photography team that will be covering the event.

I've been working hard this year on my photography, and getting my portfolio online and getting my first exhibition together. Having just landed a little gig reviewing photography apps for last week, it is just brilliant to get this opportunity. Indeed, my tutor at Photospace Gallery, James Gilberd encouraged me to take the opportunity (even though it is unpaid), because being part of a 15 person photographic team covering the event will be an amazing experience. And he should know, having covered the Webstock event's photography for the past few years (if not since the very beginning).

So, my flights and AirBnB are booked, and now I've got to get my equipment sorted. I'm looking forward to the challenge, and still shaking my head at the lightning speed and serendipity of it all.