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My new online exhibition launched today: The Fallen

I was on my  way into my office one morning, and I just happened to have my Fujifilm x100 in my hand. I saw a flash of brown and yellow, fluttering in the wind on the ground before me. As I walked up to it, I experienced a dawning realisation that it was some kind of bird of prey lying motionless by a pole on the pavement. I wondered what to do. Was it a protected species? Was it dead? If not, what had happened to it and how should I care for it. It's wings fluttered weakly before me, being pushed by the wind upwards and over its face, shielding it from my view. One of its eyes looked half-open. It looked stunned rather than dead, but I couldn't be sure.

Still, I decided to take a few quick photos of it to see if someone could identify it, go into the office to get rid of the bags I was carrying, and come back out with a towel to see if I needed to pick it up and remove out for a while before I could get someone to come and take care of its needs, be it alive or dead.

I must have been inside for all of two to three minutes. But, but the time I emerged back onto the pavement, it had disappeared.

I did a little research after I got back inside, I called the City Council that has a team that deals with this kind of thing. They didn't know what to make of it but asked me to send in the photos that I did take , as it might be helpful to identify the species of bird. I sent the photos in, and sent a follow-up email a couple of weeks later. I still have heard back from them . Some people thought it might be a Morepork (and native New Zealand species of owl), but others thought it might be a Karearea or New Zealand Falcon. I also came across this, saying that for Karearea, the risk of electrocution is a real one.

I then recalled that I found the bird lying on the ground at the foot of an electricity pole.

To see the complete series of 5 images, please click here to go to my online portfolio. Thanks - and do let me know what you think.