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Joined New Zealand Travel Communicators

A long time ago in a galaxy called City University in London, I did a night school course in Travel Writing. I then traveled a lot, and in the course of my life, I have taken a lot of photographs while doing said traveling. What I have not done is much at all with this material. This needs to change. So, as a further step, I joined the New Zealand Travel Communicators today - an association of travel writers, photographers, and broadcasters.

One of the first things I might do is collate some of what I have learned about travel writing and post them as a series of blog posts. I have also managed to unearth some blog posts I have made between 2004-2012. I've ben blogging for a long time, but much of that wither isn't in the web, or is stuck in archives somewhere. I will surface these as we potter along, as well as developing new material and images.

I'm looking forward to this.

Photo Credit and Copyright: Sarb Johal, (Amritsar, India 2008).