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App Review: The Photographer’s Ephemeris suite

In astronomy and star navigation, an ‘ephemeris’ gives the positions of naturally occurring astronomical objects like the sun and the moon, as well as artificial satellites in the sky at a given time. The Photographer’s Ephemeris app is an amazing, comprehensive app that helps you to check what the quality of light is going to be at any given position at any time of day, so you can plan where you need to be and when in order to get the shot you want. I’ve also reviewed two other related apps by the same developer - The Photographer’s Emphemeris 3D, and The Photographers Transit. These are fantastic apps with a host of features. Check out my blog on to see how it can help you to make brilliant landscape photographs, whether you’re taking photos using your smartphone or dedicated camera. 

App review: Easy story-telling on social media with Article

Article helps you to tell your story in a fast and easy way, without stressing too much about design and layout. All that is taken care for you through a few easy-to-select options. You can build an article quickly through combining photos, videos, text, maps, even music and more. You can also publish your Articles to Facebook as Instant Articles, which means they are treated as native content and load instantaneously on your audience’s phones. Read my short review here on 

App review: Photofox delivers Photoshop-style editing for your iPhone or iPad

The new version of the Enlight (now called Enlight Legacy) app, is now called Enlight Photofox. If we cut to the chase, the key feature in this powerful app is how it uses layers and blending modes to help you turn creative ideas you might have to brilliant art on your iPhone and app. And in order to help you to do so, it uses excellent tutorials that are easily accessible even while you are in the middle of an editing process. Check out my latest review on here.

App review: Tell better stories on Instagram and Facebook with Unfold

Instagram is changing, and fast. But what remains consistent is how it provides a platform to share more than just images and videos. It offers you an opportunity to curate your media to tell great stories about your life and what you're into. When you're on a Instagram or other social media platforms, what you might come across is collage formatted stories with multiple images layered together in different shapes. Lots of different apps can help you to design your Instagram stories to engage your audience, but Unfold specialises in just this, and it's clean interface helps you to focus on your crafted posts. Read more in my review on here 

App review: Making time lapse videos with Lapse It Pro

Time lapse photography records scenes as they change over time. You may have seen stunning short videos of traffic moving, or clouds racing across the sky, or the classic sunset or sunrise. You can also add filter overlays perhaps, even music to accompany your scene, to produce a really nice finished product. Even if you have a native camera app with a time lapse function built in to your smartphone, you might need to use two or more apps to achieve that kind of an output. Lapse It Pro can do capture, editing, filters, music and rendering all within the app. Read my review on to find out more.

App review: Google Photos

Google photos has been around for some time now. It's just one of the many services to choose from to upload your photos and make room on your device; iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Flickr to name just a few. But Google Photos offers a few things that make it stand out from the competition. Here’s 8 reasons why Google Photos might be a good option for you in my review for

How to add text to your mobile images for added impact: Typorama

Here's another review I did for - a mobile / cellphone network in the UK. Typorama is an app that enables you to add text in different styles to your images to create memes or social media posts. The best thing about Typorama is that is doesn’t use set templates. Instead, it generates text design layouts that change as you choose different styles. Check out my recent review of the app here.

My review of the Lens Distortions app

You might know that I am an app reviewer for - a mobile / cellphone network in the UK. Lens Distortions is an app that enables you to add unique lens of light effects to your images. That might seem like the sort of thing that lens manufacturers have been trying to eliminate for years; but some really like the character and life that it brings to their photos, so there’s definitely a market for it. Check out my recent review of the app here.

My review of the Canva mobile app: The visual graphic and design tool

If you want to use the images you have created in imaginative ways in social media or other design uses, then Canva is a really good and easy app to use. You can choose your own layout, for example, to design a business card, or use some of the hundreds of pre-designed templates you can drop and drag your images into, resize and export.

It really is a very useful tool. Check out my more detailed review here on