App review: Making time lapse videos with Lapse It Pro

Time lapse photography records scenes as they change over time. You may have seen stunning short videos of traffic moving, or clouds racing across the sky, or the classic sunset or sunrise. You can also add filter overlays perhaps, even music to accompany your scene, to produce a really nice finished product. Even if you have a native camera app with a time lapse function built in to your smartphone, you might need to use two or more apps to achieve that kind of an output. Lapse It Pro can do capture, editing, filters, music and rendering all within the app. Read my review on to find out more.

Online Gallery: American Granite

If you've visited here before, you'll know that I've had my first solo exhibition showing at Photospace Gallery in Wellington over the past few week. The final day of this exhibition run is tomorrow, July 16. To mark this, I've decided to publish the images online on my portfolio site. So if you haven't aged to get along in Wellington, or if you live elsewhere, here's your chance. Please click here to view them - and remember to let me know what you think - social media and email links are on my portfolio site when you click through. It was a hard decision to know what to include in the end - and only 16 images made the final cut. I expect I'll make another gallery soon, when time allows. Thanks for coming by. I'd also like to thank the US Embassy in NZ and Fujifilm NZ in their support for my exhibition.

App review: Google Photos

Google photos has been around for some time now. It's just one of the many services to choose from to upload your photos and make room on your device; iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Flickr to name just a few. But Google Photos offers a few things that make it stand out from the competition. Here’s 8 reasons why Google Photos might be a good option for you in my review for

Experimenting with long exposure and ND filter

What with being so busy and setting up my first exhibitions in the last month, it's actually been difficult to spend any time actually taking photographs. As my Plan A on a portrait project had fallen through, I decided to go out and see what I could find to shoot. My plan was to find some interesting scenes to try to shoot on a sunny winter's afternoon at about 3pm, experimenting with long exposure and my new ND filter (from Breakthrough art 6 stops of light). I'm lucky enough to live on the south coast of Wellington, so it wasn't too difficult to find a couple of promising scenes. Here's some of the images I made that afternoon and into the evening just as the sun was going down. It turns out that something in my equipment was a bit mucky - either the lens or the filter, so there were quite a few spots on the images that I had to remove in post-processing - but it wasn't a deal breaker and it was relatively easy to sort out, though. The first shot you see at the top of this post looks out across the Cook Strait where you can see the top of the South Island: ISO 200, 25mm, f/22 at 3 seconds with the ND6 filter.

In this second shot looking south, the settings were ISO 200, at 33mm, f/22 and exposed for 3 seconds with the ND 6 filter.


This third shot on the Miramar peninsula was taken as little later on: ISO 200 at 25mm, f16 and 13 seconds, with the ND filter again. I'm quite surprised that the fisherman and the seagull stayed relatively still for that long!



Exhibition opening at the Wellington Regional Arts Review

A second surreal evening last week at an exhibition opening at Expressions in Upper Hutt where my photographs were selected for the Wellington Regional Arts Review by a panel of 3 judges- Andy Lowe, CEO of Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History; Katherine Morrison, textile artist; and Peter Gillie, collector of NZ contemporary art. There were 65 artists on display tonight, including paintings, digital media, textile based works, ceramics, photographs, drawings, jewellery, furniture and sculptures. I’m really pleased to have been selected, but I felt really out of my depth at the opening - perhaps a little imposter syndrome was in play for me. Other people have offered me an interpretation that this is perhaps a good thing as it shows that I am entering a challenging space for me, which will help me to grow. I have to agree with that feedback. This feels very much like another world. But I also bring my own interpretation, skills and views to this world. I am opening to learning, and yet feel secure in my own stance. It's a good place to be.

American Granite exhibition opening

Last Thursday evening, I was really quite nervous as I waited for people to arrive for the opening of my first solo exhibition. With the support of a US Embassy Public Diplomacy grant and printing support from Fujifilm NZ, I put together a selection of images I made from Yosemite National Park in Central California last year. I'm so grateful for the excellent turnout of support on the evening, and from the lovely feedback I have received from people who have gone to see the exhibition after the opening night. It continues until 16th July, and I will be giving a public talk next week on the 6th July. Please go along and take a look, and even come along to the talk if you can.

How to add text to your mobile images for added impact: Typorama

Here's another review I did for - a mobile / cellphone network in the UK. Typorama is an app that enables you to add text in different styles to your images to create memes or social media posts. The best thing about Typorama is that is doesn’t use set templates. Instead, it generates text design layouts that change as you choose different styles. Check out my recent review of the app here.

My review of the Lens Distortions app

You might know that I am an app reviewer for - a mobile / cellphone network in the UK. Lens Distortions is an app that enables you to add unique lens of light effects to your images. That might seem like the sort of thing that lens manufacturers have been trying to eliminate for years; but some really like the character and life that it brings to their photos, so there’s definitely a market for it. Check out my recent review of the app here.

Another judge commendation for 'Waiting for the Greens' street shot

Really pleased to see this morning that my market street shot, 'Waiting for the Greens' got another judge commendation in a 'Close-up bland and white candid street photography' competition. It didn't do badly in the crowd voting either, finishing in the top 10%. Check out the competition and the results here. It's interesting that the judge comments how many people didn't stick to the brief, but were popular with the crowd anyway, and he laments this fact.

'Waiting for the greens' gets expert judge commendation in Street Markets contest on Photocrowd

I'm really pleased to write that one of the images I entered into the Street Markets contest on received a commendation from  the expert judge for the competition.

Here's a copy of the brief:

"Street markets are sensory overloads of colours and shapes and spices – all combining to form an exciting and condensed snapshot of human life. Choosing what not to leave out can be just as important as choosing what to include here. Choose a point of interest and compose the scene around it. Good luck!"

It's been a great week with some of the photos that I have made being recognised in various forms around the world. It's really quite exciting and rewarding to get that kind of feedback - especially from expert judges. Big week coming up next week - but that will be all about learning and creating. First week of the Portrait Module in my Photospace 3 journey, and also off to Australia to join the photography team shooting TEDxSydney.


Selected as Finalist for biennial Wellington Regional Arts Review Exhibition 2018

I'm really pleased to write that I have been selected as a Finalist in the Wellington Regional Arts Review 2018. The photographs I entered were three of the photos in my "Absolutely Positively 100% Pure" series. They will now be shown at Expressions Whirinaki Arts and Entertainments Centre in Upper Hutt from June 23 to August 5, 2018. This is the first time I have entered a contest in where actual physical prints will be involved, so I am pleasantly surprised to have got through to the final judging and to have my photographs as part of the Regional Arts Review Exhibition. The opening night is on June 22 in Upper Hutt at 6.30pm. Tickets are $15 and are available for purchase here. Its going to be a busy time. My own solo exhibition, American Granite, opens on the same day at Photospace Gallery in Wellington.