Photo in 24HourProject exhibition in Lima, Peru

Sarb JOHAL NZ - 24HourProject 2018 - Wellington.jpg

Showing at the 24HourProject Exhibition in Peru

17 October - 3 November 2018

Earlier this year, I was the NZ Ambassador for the 24HourProject, where photographers from 104 countries and 850 cities all around the world came together on 7 April to document their lives and surroundings to share with each other and a global audience. The project’s mission is to connect emerging photographers, aspiring photojournalist and visual storytellers from every city of the world to document humanity and make a difference by raising awareness about global issues and empowering NGOs.

The NZ project went really well, with photographers coming together in Wellington, Auckland Christchurch on the day to make photographs of their surroundings and people over that 24 hour period. There were a a great bunch or local organisers involved, so grateful acknowledgement to them for bringing their local photographic communities together to get involved.

A nice little development came along where one of my photos has been requested and printed for an exhibition of photos from the global project, to be shown in Lima, Peru from 17 October - 3 November. This photo was taken in Wellington, New Zealand on 7 April 2018, at 5.19pm. This was on my way home from a meeting when I was going home to have dinner with my children before bed time. There was a Festival in the city, so I met up with another photographer - Nathan Frost - and we spent half an hour there. These two women in the black dresses were promotional workers for The Rock - a NZ Radio Station covering the music festival - the woman on the right was on her phone in the background, sweeping passed. I saw her coming so I re-composed to make room for her, and waited until she was in frame before I pressed the shutter. 

Many thanks to Renzo Grande, the organiser of the global project for the opportunity to exhibit among many other contributors to the exhibition. I look forward to hearing further news about it over the next few weeks.