Exhibition opening at the Wellington Regional Arts Review


A second surreal evening last week at an exhibition opening at Expressions in Upper Hutt where my photographs were selected for the Wellington Regional Arts Review by a panel of 3 judges- Andy Lowe, CEO of Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History; Katherine Morrison, textile artist; and Peter Gillie, collector of NZ contemporary art. There were 65 artists on display tonight, including paintings, digital media, textile based works, ceramics, photographs, drawings, jewellery, furniture and sculptures. Iā€™m really pleased to have been selected, but I felt really out of my depth at the opening - perhaps a little imposter syndrome was in play for me. Other people have offered me an interpretation that this is perhaps a good thing as it shows that I am entering a challenging space for me, which will help me to grow. I have to agree with that feedback. This feels very much like another world. But I also bring my own interpretation, skills and views to this world. I am opening to learning, and yet feel secure in my own stance. It's a good place to be.