AirFly Pro: The Power of Wireless Audio Freedom

Dive into the world of wireless convenience with the AirFly Pro. Connect your favorite wireless headphones to any device effortlessly. Discover its sleek design, innovative features, and why it's a game-changer for tech lovers. Ready to cut the cords? Watch my review here.

AirFly Pro: The Power of Wireless Audio Freedom
Twelve South Airfly Pro

Hey there, tech adventurers! Sarb Johal here, and today we're diving into the world of wireless convenience with a game-changing gadget – the AirFly Pro. Ever found yourself on a plane, yearning to connect your AirPods to the in-flight entertainment system? Look no further. The AirFly Pro not only fulfills that wish but goes beyond, proving to be a versatile companion for various scenarios. Let's explore its features and why it's a must-have for every wireless headphone lover.

Wireless Marvels in Your Pocket

Features that Redefine Connectivity:

The AirFly Pro works for everyone, not just Apple users. Let's break down its main features.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity Magic:
    • Connect any Bluetooth listening device, enabling the use of wireless headphones with non-Bluetooth devices like in-flight systems, TVs, and game consoles.
    • Tested across multiple devices, the AirFly Pro pleasantly surprised with its lag-free performance.
  2. Headphone Sharing Bliss:
    • Doubles as a headphone splitter, allowing two people to connect their wireless headphones simultaneously. Perfect for movie nights, gaming, or cozy plane journeys.
  3. AUX IN Adapter Wizardry:
    • Acts as an AUX IN adapter, transforming devices without Bluetooth capability. Ideal for connecting high-quality speakers, older car stereos, or marine systems without Bluetooth.

What Sets AirFly Pro Apart:

The AirFly Pro is small and easy to carry, fitting perfectly in your travel backpack. The memory function is really cool - it automatically reconnects to devices you've paired with before. Twelve South did a great job fitting lots of features into this sleek device, so you don't need multiple adapters.

Points to Consider:

While the AirFly Pro is a wireless marvel, a couple of aspects merit attention:

  • It requires manual turn-off, and forgetting to do so might lead to unnecessary power drainage.
  • Lack of a battery level indicator can be a drawback, but the device signals low power with a flashing amber light.

Final Verdict:

The AirFly Pro goes above and beyond, giving you Bluetooth transmitting, audio sharing, and Bluetooth audio adapter all in one device. The sleek design and compatibility make it a perfect match for AirPods and other wireless headphones. If you're all about your favorite wireless headphones, the AirFly Pro makes sure you never have to sacrifice sound quality, especially on those long flights.

Ready to cut the cords and embrace wireless freedom? Check out my video for an in-depth review and demonstration of the AirFly Pro.

P.S. the Airfly SE has a more limited feature set, but is still great and cheaper too - check out my coverage here and my video below, as well as other great gadgets for travel.