Kaikoura quake – podcast of wellbeing session on strategies for self-care

On 22 November 2016 at Massey University, Wellington campus, I convened a session for staff to hear about and discuss some of the thoughts and emotions they may have experienced in the 8 days since the complex 14 November Kaikoura quake and the subsequent aftershocks. In this 40 minute talk, I outline some of what can be expected when going through emergencies like this, and what happens if our emergency threat state persists for a longer time than we are optimally built for. I outline some of the strategies you can use for self-care in the face of ongoing uncertainty, and how you might help people who you care for, and others in your community. The group gave permission for me to share this recording with the wider community, and found the sessions helpful. I hope you find the recording of the session helpful too. Please feel free to share with people or on networks where you think it might be useful to.


2 thoughts on “Kaikoura quake – podcast of wellbeing session on strategies for self-care

  • Nancy Brown

    Excellent presentation! I am going to bookmark this and remember it in future events, for myself and for friends.

  • Marcia Paurini

    Well it has taken me until July 24th to finally read the November 2016 email following our Wellness Coordinators workshop where your link was provided – I know some of the Rural Support Trusts had you attend and they raved about the information within the presentation and now I have read it I can see why. Thank you for putting this together – especially the stuff about the children and Elderly – isolation is such a killer of the soul. I also heard you speak about the 2009 Australian bushfires at the Taranaki DHB. The Rural Support Trust is mustering members of the Motorhome and Caravan Association to be our first responders in the next adverse event. I wonder if you are coming to the Naki anytime soon and I could get them to attend a seminar if you had a spare hour or two. Thanks for the ongoing work you are doing in the Adverse Event space – I learnt a lot today Sarb, take care and regards Marcia.

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