Migrating over to CompleteCoach.pro

My Complete Coach over at wordpress.com site has been going well, but I’d like a little more control over the configuration, and I also want to start future-proofing what I might want to do with the blog. So, I have decided to migrate this over to CompleteCoach.pro

If you are reading this message, that’s that where you should find yourself now – welcome!

If you are an email subscriber up until 5 September 2012, I’ve already migrated your subscription over to the new site – I hope this is OK. Please feel free to¬†unsubscribe¬†if it isn’t. If you are following this blog, I’d appreciate it if you could come over to Completecoach.Pro and start following me there. As far as I can see, there is no easy way for me to do that for you.

Hope you carry on reading and following me over at my new site – CompleteCoach.pro